Welcome To Entebbe

Entebbe is a picturesque town on the shores of Lake Victoria in central Uganda. It is this municipality that the New Haven Guest House calls home. The word Entebbe translates to “seat” in Luganda which is the native language of this area. The name is appropriate because this town served as the headquarters of the colonial government and as the capital of the country. Many sites of national importance still remain in Entebbe even after Kampala became the capital of Uganda. These include:

• Uganda Wildlife Education Centre which serves as an animal sanctuary and zoo,
• The beautiful National Botanical Gardens that boasts a rainforest that has been featured in some Hollywood movies like Tarzan.
• Entebbe International Airport, an East African Travel Hub
• State House, the official presidential residence of Uganda
• Various ministries and governmental departments.

Entebbe is located on a peninsula and therefore has many beaches and due to the unique vegetation and equatorial climate it is an important bird sanctuary with over 550 species many of which can be spotted at the botanical gardens.
Please enjoy your stay in our beautiful town and we hope you get the chance to visit the many attractions that Entebbe (“Ebbs” to the locals) has to offer.